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Let us introduce the people that make Pickled Picasso so successful. We are truly blessed to have so many kind souls and talented individuals under one roof!  They are so helpful, so patient, and their ultimate goal is to give our customers a super positive experience.  Without further ado, our wonderfully talented and entertaining artists!

Yahaira Arneros

Yahaira Arneros is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, and is a contract artist with us. She has been with us since 2015, and although she is continuing on her career path, we refuse to let her leave! This girl is amazing, and for any of you who have taken a class from her, you know exactly what we mean. Yahaira is fluent in Spanish, French and Russian, and her area of study is International Business. Along with that left-brain being completely on fire, Yahaira has been exercising her right-brain capabilities since childhood. She has loved art and has actively painted since she was very young. Yahaira's fun and bubbly personality makes it easy for everyone to have a blast when she's teaching a class or party. We are truly blessed to have her as one of our amazing artist instructors... and guess what? No matter what she does in the future, we are keeping her on here as a part of our Pickled Family!

Tanner Worley

Tanner Worley is one of our Managers and is a true asset to our Pickled Family. She has been with our Pickled Picasso Family since 2016, when she was a Junior in high school. She started as an assistant and began teaching soon after joining the team. Beyond the fun of teaching, getting to interact with all of the artists who come through the studio is her favorite part of being a part of the studio.
Tanner is a student at UNT, studying Art Education and Ceramics. When it comes to the ins and outs of kiln-firing and the chemistry behind the underglazes, Tanner is our girl! Along with being our ceramics expert, she can pretty much paint and draw anything you can dream up. Tanner is a very patient teacher and a truly authentic soul. She absolutely loves teaching and interacting with every person who comes in! One day Tanner hopes to have a classroom of her own. In her free time, Tanner enjoys reading, skating, and, of course, creating!

Lori Cole

Lori Cole has been an integral part of our Pickled Picasso family since 2016. She taught in the Texas public schools for 23 years until retiring in 2012. She loves painting and teaching art, especially to kids! Lori has been teaching acrylic painting classes for six years, and her favorite subjects to paint are animals and seascapes.
Lori has two grown sons, two granddaughters and one grandson. When she's not painting or teaching, she enjoys crossword puzzles, Country Western Dancing, watching movies and sporting events, and traveling, especially on cruise ships.

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